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'Sunday, May 22, 2011} Y

There isnt any story in my life.
There isnt any memory in my life.
There isnt any friend in my life.
There isnt any platform to express the feelings in my life.

It just occurred to me that one just cant express or share what's on 
their mind on social websites in fear that someone else would be taken in by it.

& why bother doing the things that someone else told you to
when on the other hand, your words are just left ignored?

The chances in life are there or given for a reason.
It isnt something to be taken in lightly.
A chance is difficult to give to or come by. 

A chance does not only mean a happy ending.
It could also be just another ending or the worst thing that has 
ever happened in your life.

People tend to play around with my head.
& im stupid enough to consider their feelings without using any
form of harsh words on them even if im mad etc.

Guess im still too soft on the inside.

Nevermind. Im just gonna go with the flow and keep mum
without doing anything as Ive got not enough strength anymore.

Dark Blessings upon Thy. 12:07 PM

'Thursday, February 10, 2011} Y


What an old picture i found in picasa.

Dark Blessings upon Thy. 10:58 PM

'Friday, January 07, 2011} Y

How i wish that paradise would appear right before me now.
Everything's been sucha blur. 
Been here and there, going to and fro with basically no 
common intention whatsoever. It just feels like time's wasted,
energy absorbed,  pockets dried up.

Technically saying, i have absolutely no idea what each day
has in store for me.
I could be striking it big and making riches later on,
but after that i might end up with absolutely nothing.
Not even a spec of dusk.

Whatever it is, im gonna take it step by step in my stride

Sometimes, it's just hard to say it out & better when
it's kept. 

Dark Blessings upon Thy. 11:38 AM

'Wednesday, December 22, 2010} Y

Hope ille get to sign on with the army.
Just applied as an infantry specialist as my 1st choice
and an supply assistant as my 2nd choice.

Life is still not going so well for me right now
but spending time together with baby helps me not to
think bout anything.
We discussed bout our future and all and i am ready for it.

i cant wait for friday to come as ille be able to spend
quality time with him.

i love you alot and you know it.
im willing to go thru everything with you
no matter how easy or difficult it may be.

i miss you alot sweetheart.

♥ , Rae.

Dark Blessings upon Thy. 7:04 PM

'Sunday, November 28, 2010} Y

Im so tired. 
Lucky yesterday was the last Night Shift.
Gonna start morning shift This coming monday.

And i really miss baby. So damn much.
Cant wait for him to book out on the 9th.
He's sleeping now cuz he have to wake up at 5am tmr.
Alalalalala my poor baby. ):

So glad to hear his voice.
Am so gonna spend quality time with him when he books out.
Take care of ureself alright baby?

I really miss you. 


Dark Blessings upon Thy. 1:39 AM

'Thursday, November 25, 2010} Y

Baby's otw to tekong now.
Gonna miss him so much.
Ure gonna be bald again! teeheeeee

Anyways, ive been down lately.
Lots of things so little time.
Trying to stay positive and not dwell on it, but it's nearly im possible.
Im mentally and physically exhausted.

But one problem's has just been solved.
I really dont know how to repay their kindness.

All i can say is, thank you for ure kindness, care and concern.


Cant wait to see baby again in 2 weeks time.

i ♥ you.

Dark Blessings upon Thy. 7:27 AM

'Saturday, September 25, 2010} Y

Pheonix by Randy Clayton.

Koi by Andrew Yeo.

I suppose this blog isnt dead yet. hahaha
been buzy with work and what nots but now, its time for an update!

So.. The Phoenix has already been to stage 2 which is shading.
The Koi, only stage 1 which is the outline.
Pheonix was damn torturing.
The pain at the shoulder blades were unbearable.
But ive got no choice. I had to endure it till the end.

Hopefully the koi would heal fast so i can continue with the shadings and then the 
dreaded last parts. the colouring.

I think i need to go get the numbing cream already.

alrightey. Im awee bit sleepy already.
I miss my baby soso much. and he's booking out later. yey!
cant wait. 

Dark Blessings upon Thy. 5:08 AM


Dont like me? knulle De Og Dø!

I Dont Live To Please You.



19 & evil

♥ Zee.

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Im freelance piercer
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Plugs and studs could be ordered here
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5 labrets
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8.1mm lobes
20mm ear lobes
1 conch


pentagram [neck]

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